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How To Get Really Cheap Plane Tickets

With our pocketbooks being squeezed more and more as the economy changes, we need all the help we can get to increase our income and/or reduce our cost of living. Knowing how to get really cheap plane tickets is one of those things if we travel with any frequency and it’s not on the company’s dollar.

I have looked at some different guides on how to get cheap travel accommodations and this is what I have found:

1st Place

1st Place

My Airfare Secrets!

This ebook was written by a fired travel agent who decided to get back at the company by revealing all of the secrets for the travel industry. He just updated his ebook for December 2008 so you are getting fresh information. I haven’t had the chance to make plane reservations yet but you can bet that I plan on using his techniques when I do make my reservations. For only $24.95, this is a great investment in which you will get back the next time you purchase a plane ticket (in just the savings alone)

The ebook goes over information like:

  • How to save a crazy amount of money when traveling with a child
  • How to become a travel agent yourself and save thousands upon thousands on your tickets every year!
  • All the secrets about reservations that airlines keep their mouths quiet about
  • International flights secrets all exposed!
  • How to obtain special access to the cheapest bargain tickets hours before anyone else can see them!
  • The hard-to-believe truth about booking higher classes nobody told you about
  • The link to a website that sells airfare deals at such unbelievably cheap prices that the airline companies have banned them from advertising to anyone what they’re selling!
  • At least 30 other secrets are revealed

This is a must have ebook, especially with all of the bonuses that are included (6 of them) that include secrets on car rentals, hotel stays and cruise travel.

My Airfare Secrets! is currently on a special promotion price. When this ends, the cost will go back up to $49.95

2nd Place

2nd Place

Why Not Fly Free?

This ebook was also written by someone who has owned a travel industry business since 1991. This guy gives a lot of good information such as:

  • Learn secrets the airlines DON’T want you to know
  • Learn how your kids fly free
  • Strategy I use to get free airline tickets
  • How you can save up to 70% on international Business Class
  • Fly anywhere in the world, only pay the ticket’s tax
  • Take a vacation free, including airline tickets and hotel
  • The truth about last minute airfare
  • Comprehensive resource directory
  • Unlisted phone numbers of Air Consolidators

The price of this ebook is only $27.95. I would say that you will get your investment back with this product as well.

Get Why Not Fly Free?


While both products give great information, I feel the first guy has nothing to lose and is holding nothing back because he doesn’t have a job to save, and also as the saying goes “payback is a @#$%&”.

I would recommend My Airfare Secrets! between the 2.

However, they both are so inexpensive, you could get them both and compare them for yourself. There is information you can get from each of them that aren’t contained in the other.

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2nd Place


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